Picture of a pigeon looking evil at the camera


Early this year, SSW received a newsletter from NBC Environment reminding us it was bird nesting season.

They were raising awareness to the fact the nesting birds can cause significant and costly delays to construction projects due to protective legislation.

Now, we’ve never had an issue with installation due to nesting birds – however, they do cause a lot of mess!

Dirt covering the surface of solar PV panels, like shading, can affect your yield significantly. If your system doesn’t have optimisers installed, one dirty panel will affect the yield of your entire array.

So this is just a friendly reminder that if you want to keep your PV generation at its optimum and get the most out of your investment in solar technology – keep those panels clean!

If you don’t have time to yourself, Solar South West offer bespoke O&M maintenance plans. The increase in yield from the optimisation and servicing of your PV array will usually cover the cost. In addition, you gain the peace of mind that your system will operate at full capacity for a long service lifetime.