Aerial image of a large scale ground mount solar PV system installed by Solar South West

Half of UK electricity renewable for the first time ever.

National grid reported on Wednesday (07/06/17) that over half of the UK’s energy consumption was met by renewably generated electricity for the first time ever.

The sun was out and the winds were high over much of the UK, providing perfect conditions for both solar and wind generation facilities.

With renewables accounting for 50.7% of UK energy consumption, National Grid tweeted “For the first time ever this lunchtime wind, nuclear and solar were all generating more than both gas and coal combined.”

This is exciting news for anyone who takes an interest in living sustainably. As more renewable energy systems are installed, their price will continue to to fall exponentially leading to even further installations and reduced carbon emissions.

Aerial image of a large scale ground mount solar PV system installed by Solar South West

But before the UK can really begin to tip the scales on fossil fuels – our national energy grid’s infrastructure is going to need significant improvements.

Energy storage systems (ESS) are forecast to play a significant role in these improvements. ESS offer extremely quick demand response, meaning they can provide energy to the grid almost immediately. This enables the grid to pull additional energy from storage facilities during times of high demand, helping to keep the lights on.

Storage also provides the ability for the grid to push excess electricity into these facilities during times when generation exceeds demand – for use during later peak consumption hours.

Energy storage is set to significantly increase the efficiency and flexibility of the UK’s energy grid, along with improving the value of renewables by allowing the use of stored solar and wind energy when the sun isn’t shining and the wind has stopped blowing.

What’s more, the ability to aid the grid in supporting renewables through energy storage facilities is open to consumers. Adding a modest battery bank to your existing PV system, or even as a stand alone grid connection, will enable you to participate in balancing the UK grid – for which there are attractive annual revenues.

For more information about energy storage systems, visit our energy storage blog, or get in touch for further details surrounding grid balancing opportunities.

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