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JB Wheaton & Sons (JWB) is a haulage and warehousing company just down the road from the Solar South West (SSW) HQ in Somerset, which boasts one of the biggest PV systems we have installed to date.

The management at JWB have been making the most of solar energy generation since 2010/2011, and encouraged by their prediction trumping yields, since then, SSW have re-visited the site a number of times.

Over the years, we have installed roughly 3.5MWp of PV at the site, but a while back, we were commissioned by JBW (in collaboration with KWTN Solar Ltd – the owners of the PV system), to design and refit the roof – including fascia’s, guttering and ridges, with an insulated composite roof sheet.

The J.B Wheaton buildings have 800kWp of PV installed covering an area of about 5600m2. With half of the building dating from the early 1970’s – the re-roof was no small task. Putting our specialist experience in bespoke PV system design into practice, the team got to work…

Firstly, access and safety netting to the 6m Eave height building had to be erected. Then, in order to minimise loss to valuable solar PV generation, a small team undertook the project roof pitch by roof pitch.

In total, the SSW team had to remove 1,815 PV modules. Remove the mounting system, old roof sheets and guttering. Handle and refit 13m long composite roof sheets, install new guttering and facias; then refit the modules with an optimised string layout design, reduc the effect of shading on the PV. This involved the rewiring of roughly 12,000m of DC cabling.

After the project was completed, JBW had a newly insulated roof, a greatly optimised system, and at minimal loss to their generation during the works period! For some further context regarding the site, and the growth of its PV since inception, click here to see an article written in 2011, published on the Solar Power Portal.

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