Land Rover BAR's sustainability achievements

Land Rover BAR – Inspiring Sustainability

The Land Rover BAR team, led by Sir Ben Ainslie himself, are a great success story and an inspiration to all. They are a worthy professional sports team competing on a global level, and this Friday, they will become the first British team to compete for the America’s Cup since 1964.

But did you know, Land Rover BAR are also competing to be the most sustainable sports team they can – a goal which Solar South West Ltd (SSW) are proud to have helped them with.

On top of impressive work encouraging biodiversity, funding innovations for the recycling of carbon fibre, saving thousands of litres of water, recycling a large percentage of waste and educating and inspiring others to follow their lead – in 2016 Land Rover BAR accounted for 21% of their energy usage through the generation of renewable solar power.

This substantial figure was met through the generation of solar power from PV installed on the roof of their headquarters in Portsmouth; along with an additional system commissioned by Land Rover BAR at a local community school: Northern Parade.

  • Solar PV on Northern Parade School
  • Solar PV at Northern Parade School

Not only are Land Rover BAR inspiring us all on the international stage, but they also reveal a more community orientated approach to developing sustainability back on home turf with their PV installation at Northern Parade. SSW were delighted to install the 78kWp PV system at the school on behalf of Land Rover BAR, as was the school’s Deputy Head, Paul Walton, who commented

 “Solar South West have transformed our school’s attitude to energy use and production. The installation of 240 PV modules was efficient and worked around the needs of a running school. They continue to offer excellent support and advice and we would recommend them to any school or educational institution.” 

SSW are proud to have designed and installed both of these systems in cooperation with Low Carbon and Land Rover BAR, and of the message Land Rover BAR are sending to the world: sustainability and progress should go hand in hand.

We wish Sir Ben Ainsley and his team the best of luck, and hope that they can #BringTheCupHome to secure Great Britain’s first win at this prestigious tournament.