Operations & Maintenance

In the PV industry, the term O&M describes a set of activities, most of them technical in nature, which enable power plants to perform their task of producing energy in compliance with applicable rules and regulations’ “Services, Markets and Competitors, 2013-2017 report.”

Although PV has no moving parts, DC voltages of up to 1000V are present in daylight conditions. Systems should be checked at least once per year to ensure cabling and mechanical fixings are secure. It is also imperative to routinely monitor the performance of the system to ensure correct operation and that expected investment returns are achieved.

SSW staff are trained specialists in PV for both roof (however complex or easy to access) and ground mounted installations.

5 Main reasons for taking out a comprehensive O&M agreement with Solar South West Ltd

  • Reduce risks for the system owners
  • Optimisation of plant production to maximise revenue
  • Protection of asset value, component warranty terms and longevity
  • Compliance with applicable regulations and insurers (e.g. electrical fire safety)
  • Transparency on plant production, performance, issues, risks and O&M activities

Solar South West Ltd install active monitoring equipment and offer a range of maintenance solution packages for all PV systems, irrespective of who installed them

  • 5-year Electrical installation test & inspect certification
  • Mechanical maintenance and safety certification
  • Module cleaning and testing
  • Data collection, transmission and metering equipment
  • Administration support
  • Financial administration
  • Energy management

O&M Service levels

Annual service designed for the domestic market. Service includes (but not limited to) module clean, inverter service, DC string testing, mechanical & electrical maintenance. Prices from £99.00 for a 4kW installation.
For a full list of provisions and quotation please contact the office directly.

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Annual service package designed for the sub 50kWp market (roof or ground mounted). Service includes (but not limited to) Electrical and mechanical safety check, module clean, inverter service, DC string testing. Certificate issued on completion of the works. This service package can be tailored to suit the individual installation; for a full list of provisions and quotation please contact us.

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Multi-year O&M agreements with annual planned maintenance schedule; remote monitoring with on line fault analysis; rapid site response; daily and monthly performance reports amongst the highlights. To discuss a bespoke solution and arrange a quotation please contact us.

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Estimate your maintenance costs

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