Construction & Optimisation

Each commercial installation has it’s own unique characteristics and our experience will again assist in obtaining the highest outputs and financial yields
Solar South West Ltd offer a turnkey or individual element service for the following:

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PV Optimisation service to enable system owners to gain the best performance from their investment. From fault finding investigations to complete system health checks Solar South West Ltd can advise the best solution to maximise generation
Remote monitoring can be adapted to any PV system whether we installed the original system or not. The benefit of remote monitoring coupled with an O&M agreement with Solar South West Ltd is peace of mind that your system is fully operational, safety compliant as well as adhering to the numerous component warranty terms.
Through extensive experience gained installing on all roof types we are now proficient at working on almost all roofing situations. Furthermore we can often be the most cost effective solution where we are already providing solar PV services to the client.
Gutter maintenance can be an often forgotten task. However, as with roof maintenance, if we are already on site providing our solar PV services we will often be the most cost effective way of keeping this vital infrastructure in good order on your property.
Module removal & replacement service to enable structural or repair works to take place
Thermography survey can identify hotspots and possible cell degradation in PV module. Also used to identify high resistance in electrical distribution systems, often a precursor to electrical faults due to fatigue, defective components, contamination, or just loose connections due to poor workmanship
Electroluminescence surveys can determine cell level degradation in PV modules. This is becoming a useful add on service together with our O&M services
Energy Storage System solutions, predominately battery storage. We are approved installers for Tesla Powerwall and Samsung, the 2 major suppliers in the UK market.
Site selection and local authority planning service. We can advise on optimum site selection from the initial stage of any solar project and furthermore our experienced planners can guide you through to obtaining successful planning permission.
PV System design service. Solar South West Ltd specialises in commercial rooftop PV applications; however from single kW to MW sized plants we have experience across all installation types.
Civil, mechanical and electrical engineering design service. Solar South West Ltd can provide this as a stand-alone option or as part of a larger turnkey project
Structural surveys are an essential requirement in order to satisfy any PV insurance policy. Solar South West Ltd work with structural engineering firms that specialise in solar PV that allow us to work together to ensure the rooftop meets the necessary snow and wind loading requirements; be it through retrofitting strengthening support or system design and component alternations.
Health and Safety assessment services, method statement, risk assessment and report writing service for all working at height tasks or operations
PV Installation. Solar South West Ltd specialises in commercial rooftop PV applications, however from single kW to MW sized plants we have experience across all types.
Electrical installation, alterations and certification work can be carried out by NICEIC competent electricians
Export limitation devices are a useful tool where grid restraints will not allow export over a certain capacity and where the client wishes to maximise the rooftop PV generation potential. Solar South West Ltd have a wealth of experience in liaising with the local DNO to ensure exact requirements are met when fitting & programming export limitation components.
Mechanical and electrical safety certification service can be provided at all the regulatory stages. From annual inspections of mounting structures to the 5-year test and inspect requirements for electrical installations – all work carried out by NICEIC competent electricians
PPA and lease consultancy service. Solar South West ltd have a wealth of knowledge in drafting PPA agreements and leases between generators and tenants or generators and suppliers.
Solar South West Ltd have the added benefit of being on the SMA ADVANCED 2016 list. Which allows us to get the most competitive prices for our customers for warranty extensions as well as other benefits when it comes to warranty replacements and service support.
To obtain the higher FIT rates a requirement to have an energy performance rating of D and above is essential. Solar South West Ltd can advise on methods of achieving this standard prior to any works being undertaken and ensure costs are kept to a minimum.
Solar South West Ltd can advise on all types of metering requirements. From retrofitting meter reading devices and monitoring onsite generation and energy usage to obtaining monthly meter readings on the clients behalf a solution can be reached.
In an environment where grid connections are increasingly hard to come by (on a commercially sustainable level at least), Solar South West ltd can liaise with the local DNO, submit the relevant documentation and design a solution that meets everyone’s acceptance
OFGEM (ROOFIT), FIT and metering administration service. The administration of the accreditation and system registrations can be a laborious task. Solar South West have commissioned 100’s of systems and are well versed in their intricacies.
Private wire, sleeving or third party netting service
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