Solar South West - ESS Battery Systems

Battery Storage Case Study

SSW Install 40kWh of Energy Storage

In the recent past, Solar South West installed 40kWh of lead-acid solar PV battery storage at J.B Wheaton & Sons (JBW) storage and haulage company.

The company have 3.38mW of PV installed by SSW, and they commissioned the battery as test model to see if a larger battery system would be a good investment. Since instillation, the site has adopted an interesting 20160321-Harrykh-26555charging/discharging cycle to get the best out of it.

Every morning, the battery will charge from 8am-4pm off of free energy generated by the site’s PV. After 8 hours, it reaches its full capacity, and discharges stored energy until midnight, contributing towards their base load and providing an additional 8 hours of PV energy.

At midnight, in order to take advantage of cheap energy rates, the battery begins a partial charge until 5am. After 5, when the energy price goes back up, the battery discharges the cheap energy it stored until 8 – when the sites PV kicks in again.

This double cycle allows JBW to get the most out of their PV and contribute cheap energy towards their base load. JBW has a very high base load, using over 25kw a day, and an enormous amount of PV, so the direct savings from this are hard to measure. However, Mark Wheaton told us recently the more significant benefit to the battery we installed back in 2012.

In essence, what Mark told us, is that by using the battery we installed as a test model, he has been able to calculate that the business would be able to run almost 95% off-grid through utilising their PV energy stored in a large battery system.

Having worked so closely with JBW over the years, we found this little battery experiment fascinating, and very promising looking toward the future of PV and battery storage.