Solar Battery Storage

As component costs fall, customers are choosing to replace older inverters with an inverter PLUS a PV storage option to optimise self-consumption. SSW are approved installers for Tesla Powerwall, Panasonic, LG Chem and Samsung ESS energy storage systems.

Our consumption is increasing, but it is also becoming more intelligent. Solar batteries offer an exciting new possibility, enabling the cost-effective use of solar power day and night.

Energy storage systems (ESS), or solar battery storage systems, are not a new technology. However, a combination of grid connection restraints, falling FIT export rates and other financial support mechanism digressions are causing the adoption of a solar battery storage facility to become increasingly more appealing than export. When you consider the continuous rise in energy prices – the ability to store PV energy is becoming increasingly appealing.

Solar South West are approved and certified to install a wide range of different storage systems to meet the unique criteria of your project.

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  • Tesla Powerwall certified installer Tesla Certified Installers
  • SSW are LG Chem approved installers Approved installers of the LG Chem


    SSW are Fronius Service Partners Fronius Service Partners
  • SSW are approved installers of the LG RESU Approved installers of the LG Chem RESU

Energy Monitoring as a Sizing Tool

SSW believes that the storage of PV energy is the future of solar energy consumption. However, we know that currently, solar battery systems are relatively expensive, and building a reliable financial model without real evidence to quantify the benefits can be difficult. That’s why we’re proposing the use of energy monitoring systems to provide real-time data which we can analyse and use to demonstrate how ESS could best work for you.

Through the use of energy consumption and generation monitoring, SSW can help maximise the efficiency of your PV usage and general energy consumption profile. By isolating where your consumption is unnecessarily high, and managing your appliances and energy habits, our energy monitoring service will shave money off your energy bill. This service isn’t exclusive to those inquiring about ESS, and can be included in a PV maintenance plan with Solar South West.

Once your general consumption pattern is as efficient as possible, by analysing your system’s data, we can then demonstrate whether or not solar battery storage could help you save even more money, through real, quantifiable data, taken from your own system.
The key is simply real time data analysis. We do this. And feel we do it well!

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