Solar Funding

“Solar South West have transformed our school’s attitude to energy use and production. The installation of 240 PV modules was efficient and worked around the needs of a running school. They continue to offer excellent support and advice and we would recommend them to any school or educational institution.” – Paul Walton, Deputy Headmaster, Northern Parade Junior School.

SSW provide a range of solar funding options for PV and energy storage & management services. Our financially strong ownership allows us to offer competitive power purchase agreements (PPAs) to the public sector and organisations with an excellent credit rating. We will design, fund and construct the installation of your new PV system. Once it’s complete, you repay us by purchasing power at a reduced cost to what you currently pay for electricity.

SSW are also accredited suppliers for The Carbon Trust Green Business Fund, whereby SMEs can obtain up to £10,000 capital contribution to put towards the installation of PV or Energy Storage technology with Solar South West. Explore the appropriate tabs below for more detail.

SSW are now offering an exciting new PPA funding option for the UK Public Sector or clients with a dependable credit rating. The way a PPA works with SSW is as such:

1. SSW design and propose an appropriately sized PV system.

2. SSW will then consult with the client to decide on the structure of the purchase agreement.

3. Once the agreement has been signed, SSW will fund and construct the PV system.

4. After completion, in accordance with the agreement, SSW will sell the client the energy generated on site at the agreed price until the end of the contract.

5. After repayment, SSW can transfer over the asset, or retain ownership to avoid increased business rates.

SSW offer broad flexibility in terms of repayment structures. Variables such as payback periods and price per kWh of electricity are covered in consultation with the client in order to create repayment plans tailored to site specific criteria. We offer flat-rate payback structures or reducing tiered repayments whereby the £/kWh we charge decreases annually. In order to reduce payback periods, clients have the option to hold a high £/kWh as long as is required, or can place an upfront deposit should they wish.

Unless decided otherwise by the client, our £/kWh will remain below the cost of purchasing an equal amount of energy from a supplier. What this means is, immediate savings on bills from year 1 through purchasing energy at a cheaper cost. These savings will increase in amount as inflation rises. After the client has repaid the total balance, after making significant savings already, they will receive their own PV system effectively free of charge at the end of the agreement.

SSW will transfer ownership over to the client for no added fee, or retain ownership and avoid increased business rates for the nominal cost of annual maintenance.

For more information, check out our PPA Funding Blog, or email and we will be happy to supply you with a detailed document containing examples, figures and possible repayment plans. Alternatively, call us on 01460 279571.

There is no better time than now to invest in Solar PV or Energy Storage for your workplace.

The Carbon Trust is providing an attractive and accessible support package to help small and medium sized companies in England, Wales and Scotland identify energy saving opportunities and install energy efficient equipment in their business – The Green Business Fund.

Receive up to £10,000 as a free capital contribution to put towards the installation of PV or Energy Storage technology with Solar South West, through this carbon reducing initiative.

To suitable candidates, The Green Business Fund provides a 30% financial contribution towards the cost of your PV or Storage technology, of up to £10,000. The contribution is available to small and medium sized businesses for projects that comply with the requirements of the fund. It is available for new installations or for companies looking to add further energy saving solutions.

Delivery of projects funded through the Green Business Fund is limited to Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers. Solar South West are accredited and have met or exceeded Carbon Trust criteria designed to examine capability and track record of delivery.

This support is available for a limited period of time on a first come, first served basis – so take advantage whilst you still can.

If you would like to obtain a quote for works in order to progress with an application to the Green Business Fund, please get in tough.

For any questions relating to the Green Business Fund, or to discuss how your business could benefit from the support on offer, please call SSW on 01460 279571, or email Alternatively, read more in our recent Green Business Fund Blog.