Solar PV Maintenance – O&M

SSW’s PV servicing and maintenance options are bespoke built to match your energy system’s individual specifications. Whether you require a basic PV clean and health check on your domestic home solar panel system, or a comprehensive O&M service plan for a large commercial solar array, SSW have the tools and experience to match the job.

Through regular PV cleaning, monitoring, planned maintenance, optimisation and fault & roofing repairs – SSW will ensure you get the highest yield possible out of your PV system. Preventative maintenance will keep payback periods on track, whilst maximising profits and lengthening the service lifetime of your energy system.

Solar PV is a rapidly evolving industry, and SSW’s adoption of remote energy monitoring technology is what keeps us on top of your system and ahead of our competitors. Through remote monitoring, we can identify and react to data outlining the production and functionality of your system from our offices in Somerset and Bristol – spotting faults when they happen through real time live data.

Having PV installed on your home is great. Coupled with cleaning & maintenance, the generation and self-consumption of solar power is a cost-effective, financially rewarding, ethical and long-standing method of powering your property.

Our domestic O&M service will provide everything you need to make sure your PV system operates at its optimum, for as long as possible. Achieving the highest possible yield, maximising the return on your investment and reducing payback periods.
The services included are tailor made to your system and discussed with you prior to agreement, and we will adhere to any specific requirements your system may have.

  • Common Domestic O&M Service Options:

    . Annual inspection of PV system structure & mechanics.
    · Annual full module clean conducted from ground level.
    · Annual inspection of surrounding conditions, including shading, vegetation management and pest control measures.
    · Annual (visual) inspection of inverter box, seals and electrical connections.
    · Annual inspection and service of inverter air filters.
    · Annual inverter electrical performance testing.
    · Inverter firmware updates & String level voltage, current and ground testing.
    · Real-time irradiance and temperature measurements.
    · Visual inspection and manual operation of switches, disconnects and circuit breakers.
    · Recording of all system faults, errors, updates and routine maintenance works that occurred during the service.

  • Domestic Installation

Prices for an annual O&M plan such as this one start from £99.00 for a 4kW installation.
For a full list of provisions and quotation please Get in touch or use our cost estimation widget below.


Commercial PV systems will likely benefit more from a comprehensive O&M plan. These plans are often multi-year agreements with annual planned maintenance and real-time remote monitoring. A full O&M package is a more comprehensive solution tailored towards medium/large commercial scale PV installations. Every O&M agreement with SSW is bespoke; made in accordance with each system and client’s unique specifications. SSW are happy to visit site, discuss service levels, as well as assess any health & safety issues in order to deliver a competitive O&M.
  • Domestic Installation

    Please feel free to utilise our cost estimation tool to get an idea of what your annual maintenance costs may be.

  • Commercial O&M plans can include (but are not limited to):

    Basic Maintenance Services – Annual inspection of system structure, mechanics, surrounding conditions and inverters. Annual ground level module clean and inverter performance testing. Inverter firmware updates. String level testing & inspection of switches, disconnects and circuit breakers. Irradiance measurements. Recording of all system faults, errors, updates and maintenance.

    System monitoring – SSW will utilise industry standard techniques to facilitate data monitoring, daily performance checks and alert management – as well as producing detailed monthly or quarterly performance reports.

    Reactive and Corrective Maintenance – SSW will react to failures or malfunctions detected through remote monitoring and repair faults which impact on plant operations as agreed with client. 1 free callout per year per as standard.

    Monthly Meter Readings – SSW can advise on all types of metering requirements. From retrofitting meter reading devices & monitoring onsite generation and energy usage, to obtaining monthly meter readings on the client’s behalf – a solution can be reached.

    KPI’s – SSW can operate any agreement with various key performance indicators in place – allowing you the piece of mind that your investment is being looked after in an efficient, reliable and cost effective manner.

SSW can provide additional maintenance services should you require, these services include, but are not limited to:

Rooftop Maintenance – Through extensive experience gained installing on rooftops SSW are proficient at working on almost all roof types. These bolt-on plans are often cheaper than hiring independent roofers.

Gutter Maintenance – Gutter maintenance can be an often forgotten task. As with roof maintenance, this add-on service will often be the most-cost effective way of keeping this vital infrastructure in good order.

  • I-V Curve Tracing – I-V Curve Tracing is a new method of monitoring which is effective at finding and diagnosing a fault by looking at the data from your PV. This add on service allows us to efficiently identify a problem, and implement a solution in the quickest possible time frame – minimising the time your yield is affected by a fault.

    Thermography – Thermography surveys are a maintenance service that can assist us in identifying hotspots and cell degradation in PV modules. In addition, it can help identify high resistance in electrical distribution systems which are often a precursor to: electrical faults due to fatigue, defective components, contamination, or simply loose connections due to poor workmanship.

  • Domestic Installation

  • Although PV panels have no moving parts, DC voltages of up to 1000V are present in daylight conditions. This level of electricity, coupled with components which have varying lifetime service expectancies, means that your system will deteriorate over time.

    Neglecting the maintenance of your PV system will mean under-performance and reduced yield, and it may break the terms of your PV’s Warranty. Solar PV installations often come with a ‘guarantee’ that includes a workmanship warranty as well performance warranties. When looking to act on these warranties any ‘guaranteed performance promises’ will be only be adhered to if the PV installation has been regularly serviced, cleaned and maintained.

    Avoiding maintenance will eventually cause faults and damage which can be expensive. As well as the cost, faulty panels and mounting systems are unsafe and pose a potential risk of fire or structural failure. Don’t believe us?

    See damage to panels caused by faults on some of our own maintenance projects >>

  • Domestic Installation
  • Domestic Installation
  • Unfortunately, the PV industry has a history of being blighted with miss-information naming solar panels as ‘maintenance-free.’ However, the fact that they are not (maintenance-free) is not necessarily unfortunate in itself.

    SSW can prove through case studies that the optimisation of your system, cleaning of your panels, and management of shading and grounds (all options in a service plan with us) will more often than not cover the cost of maintenance services through the increase in your PV’s yield.

    On top of the boost in your PV’s yield, the length of its service lifetime will be significantly increased, meaning you benefit from more energy, for a longer time.

    Solar South West staff are fully trained to service all aspects of your solar PV installation. We are an SMA Advanced Installer, Fronius Service Partner and Tesla approved supplier and installer. We attend frequent industry training events throughout the year and are happy to advise on any aspect of PV optimisation or maintenance.

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