Scam alert

Solar PV scam report


Solar PV scam reports

Solar South West Ltd (SSW) have recently been alerted to a number of solar PV related scam reports.

Legitimate solar PV companies have been contacted by their own customers reporting an increase in cold callers communicating some or all of the following;

  • In most cases the callers are suggesting that the original PV installer have become bankrupt and that any maintenance contracts have now been novated to another maintenance company.  (For the record Solar South West Ltd are still operational!)
  • That this new maintenance company will do a free health check on the PV system – often leading to unnecessary works being conducted and invoiced.
  • Suggest unwarranted (and expensive) component upgrades to the system.

Items such as (plus SSW comment);

Inverter upgradesif it ‘ain’t broke don’t fix it!

buy-back solar optionsEssentially selling your FIT.  You should always seek specialist advise when entering into any lease agreement and take care in who you are dealing with and ensure you have full information about the company you are dealing with.

battery storage requirement; Battery storage is hot topic, but be careful and ensure any quoted pay-back figures stack up.

(PV module) optimiser installation to gain 30% increase in generationOptimisers will enhance PV generation, but only noticeably if your installation suffers from shading loss. If it appears to good to be true, it probably is. If in doubt contact SSW.

If you have any concerns about the ‘offers’ above, please feel free to contact us.
To date one former SSW customer has received such a call that we are aware of.  However, following attendance to industry training and competence sessions SSW staff have been alerted by many other Solar PV companies as to these operations.  Further guidance related to these scams can be viewed on the MCS website – link.


If you do receive such a call please be wary and if you are in anyway unsure please contact us or notify the MCS directly, contact details below.  The MCS are attempting to log, along with Trading Standards, these operations.

Please be advised that SSW do not operate cold call or door-to-door sales practices.

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