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Solar School – Energy Management

Not too long ago, Solar South West were contracted to install PV on a school local in the Somerset area.

The site’s management wanted to maximise its generation potential and take advantage of their large roof space, however, due to a grid limit issue, the DNO wouldn’t allow export over 20kWp.

To achieve the site’s generation requirements, SSW installed 78kWp of PV on the roof, and limited the systems export potential to the required 20kWp through use of export limitation device: the SMA cluster controller.

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The SMA cluster controller is a device which, by limiting export, protects the grid, and allows us and the school to monitor their consumption patterns.

    When installing the SMA cluster controller during this project, we also helped educate the DNO about its functionality, being one of the first companies to do so in the UK.

    Limiting the site’s export capability allowed the school to install a larger PV system, meeting proposed generation requirements, whilst keeping in line with the local DNO restrictions.

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