stand up for our climate - pledge logo

Stand up for Our Climate

stand up for our climate - pledge logo
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Last week Solar South West signed a pledge, outlined below…

We pledge to: -restrict the use of fossil fuel usage both personally and in the wider community. -encourage and pay attention to possibilities for renewable, non-polluting energy at home and in the local area.

As a company, we do all we can to operate as efficiently as possible. A 2.7MW solar array we installed here at our headquarters contributes towards the energy used by ourselves and other businesses on the site.

We are also looking into installing our own energy storage system to maximise self-consumption of the renewable energy generated by this system.

Working as solar installers, it is our main goal to enable others to reduce their carbon footprint and increase sustainable practice.

 Joe Hartley, Matt Glastonville and Rob Tippett of Solar South West flying the flag for Stand up for Our Climate.