Domestic Solar Operations and Maintenance
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Through regular PV cleaning, monitoring, planned maintenance, optimisation and fault & roofing repairs – SSW will ensure you get the highest yield possible out of your PV system. Preventative maintenance will keep payback periods on track, whilst maximising profits and lengthening the service lifetime of your energy system.

The benefits of operation and maintenance services for your solar PV array

  • Maintain peak performance from your array, ensuring the best financial returns
  • Ensure continued electrical safety of the system
  • Extend the life span of the system with proper care
  • Remedy faults that could cause further damage


Our domestic maintenance and fault resolution services include:

Solar panel cleaning

Our maintenance team are also experienced installers so have a keen eye for details that other service providers might miss. We also have all the right tools to undertake the job efficiently and above all, safely. With a wealth of experience we can often find and resolve faults with minimum downtime, often in one visit.

Remote Monitoring

Solar PV is a rapidly evolving industry, and SSW’s adoption of remote energy monitoring technology is what keeps us on top of your system and ahead of our competitors. Through remote monitoring, we can identify and react to data outlining the production and functionality of your system from our offices in Somerset and Bath – spotting faults when they happen through real time live data.

Solar panel testing

Solar panels are at the key to any PV system, as such it is important that they are functioning optimally. Solar South West offers a range of solar panel testing methods. We are able to provide thermal analysis and I-V testing to show hotspots and identify any panels that are not functioning optimally.


Inverter servicing

Your Inverter is an integral part of any PV system and it is important for it to be functioning as intended. Solar Southwest has an experienced team of electrical professionals and can offer, air filter inspection and cleaning, electrical performance testing and firmware updates, to ensure your inverter is performing optimally.

EIC Certification

Giving your solar system a yearly checkup is strongly recommended, cleaning aside, our engineers can test and inspect your array to make sure there’s no faults or potential risks emerging.

Low yield investigation and resolution

Low PV yields are caused by a series of potential issues, the most common being the result of poor installation practice. SSWUK is able to survey systems of any size and investigate the causes of low output with a view rectify the problems and optimise performance.

Bird Proofing

Birds nesting next to or under the installed panels can have numerous detrimental effects on the longevity and performance of the system. Solutions that Solar South West can offer include, attaching mesh to the side of the panels or the attachment of blunt spikes to the underside of the panels both of which deter nesting birds.

Warranty work

A typical inverter will come with a 5-year warranty as standard while some have longer, or the option to purchase warranty extensions up to 20 years. Should your inverter break within this warranty period, Solar South West can assist you in contacting the company, ordering and installing your new inverter.

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