The client was taken to offset their cabon footprint and SSWUK designed and obtained planning for 3 min-sized solar parks in mind Highbridge.

Commercial Ground Mount- Devon

The client was keen to offset their carbon footprint and SSWUK designed and obtained planning consent for 3 mid-sized solar parks in mid Devon.

The A.H Warren Trust, Bean Field

The A.H. Warren Trust are co-owners of SSWUK and who we paired with to build ground and roof mounts at their Coombe Farm base.

Small Ground Mount- School, Somerset

The client tasked us with providing a small ground mounted PV system for a school in Somerset. The goal was to reduce the schools dependence on the grid using a small area of available space in the sports field

Commercial Roof Mount- Cider Maker, Somerset

This installation site provides the base for operations for a large cider maker in Somerset with a vast amount of available roof space. A PV system was designed with high end components offering monitoring at the module level using SolarEdge optimisers