DSR & Battery Storage

We facilitate battery storage projects

Due to the advantages of co-location with solar generation in respect of reduced charging costs, and the need to balance a grid with more intermittent generation, we are increasingly seeing the case for distributed commercial scale battery storage.

What benefits can my business expect?

  • Time-shifting
  • Peak shaving (Triad Avoidance)
  • Capacity Market Payments
  • Fast Frequency Response (FFR)


Scoping of suitable battery technology

More storage and flexibility is required in the network to help stabilise demand, given increasingly intermittent power generation mix. For businesses, advancements in battery technology mean installing batteries are now a more viable option than traditional back-up power systems. In addition, opportunities are arising for Demand Side Response (DSR) services which are underpinning the business case.

Connection applications

We manage the grid connection process for battery storage projects on your behalf.

Financial Modelling of the installation costs and revenue stack

We work with System Aggregators and Technology Suppliers to select the right type, size and mode of operation for distributed battery storage applications as part of an initial feasibility study.

Contracting of electrical installations of battery storage systems

Once the feasibility work is done, our install teams are ready to step in and deliver a turn-key energy storage project, including operation, monitoring and maintenance services.