Future proof your business with a Solar system

The use of solar allows “renewable self-consumption” at an energy cost which is lower than can be obtained by purchasing electricity from your supplier. Since electricity prices are set to rise - the installation of a PV system can save your business money and give protection from future price rises. You can also sell your excess generation back to the grid.

What benefits can my business expect?

  • Cost reduction
  • Improved operational margins
  • De-risked future electricity procurement
  • Carbon reduction
  • Environmental sustainability

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All our proposals are based on a rigorous analysis of the available data in order to make sure we size the solar array to maximise your return on investment.

Case Study
Commercial Ground Mount- Software Developer, Warwickshire

The client has a large office area with high daytime demand from air conditioning, servers, and office facilities for the staff.

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Case Study
Roof mount- Metal Fabrication Specialist, Somerset

SSWUK was appointed to by a respected metal manufacturing company with high electricity consumption to reduce their dependance on the grid.

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