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July 18, 2017

Image of a domestic solar PV system installed by Solar South West.

Solar panels for the home

The end of the Solar-Coaster The installation of residential solar panels is a sector which has been knocked back over the years – but lower costs mean there’s a new opportunity for home owners looking to reduce their reliance on expensive grid energy. The PV industry has seen so many ups and downs over the

July 3, 2017

Cost of solar panels

Whether you’re a commercial energy user, or you simply want a solar panel system for your home energy consumption, the cost of installing solar panels has fallen drastically over the last few decades. Solar PV is now cost-effective without the need for government subsidies or grants. Since 2009, the cost of solar panels has fallen

June 21, 2017

This is a graph showing the immediate increase in a PV system maintained by Solar South West's yield after being cleaned.

Solar panel servicing

Annual comprehensive O&M (operations and maintenance) plans are to be expected with large solar farms or commercial PV systems, but have you considered servicing your home’s solar panel system? Large solar PV systems benefit greatly from consistent O&M. Regular PV servicing ensures correct operation at full capacity, achieving the highest possible rate of return. On top

January 6, 2017

Which? Trusted Traders Endorsement

Solar South West Ltd (SSW) are now endorsed by Which? Trusted Traders! This is a great new opportunity for us, as it gives us another way of easily connecting with you – the homeowners and businesses out there who might be interested in having a chat with us about any of the services we offer. Be

September 17, 2021

SSWUK Battery Review 2021

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) have fallen significantly in cost, and can greatly increase your self-consumption of solar energy. Rising electricity prices have meant solar batteries for domestic households have become more and more popular – but which battery is the best right now? Unfortunately, the question of “which battery is best?” is not necessarily that simple. Whilst the

Tips on improving Solar Self-Consumption

Solar Self-consumption is typically given as a percentage and refers to the total amount of PV energy consumed in relation to the total amount of energy generated. For example, if your solar PV system generates 4000kWh/year and you consume 2000kWh and export 2000kWh, your self-consumption value is 50%. Typically, the generational pattern of solar does

June 30, 2021

UAVs at SSWUK Ltd!

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones are typically small quadcopters that are controlled remotely by AI or human pilots on the ground equipped with high-resolution cameras. Originally designed for military surveillance, in recent years they have become very popular with both commercial and recreational users for their ability to capture high-quality aerial photography. SSWUK Ltd