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We with solar energy developers across all industry sectors. Our low cost approach to renewable energy project development puts you in control of your project. Working with us brings you industry-leading, engineering design development, economic feasibility advice at affordable rates.

What benefits can my business expect?

  • Technical excellence
  • Sensitive environmental approach
  • Optimal project design
  • Maximised return on investment


Planning and implementing a renewable energy development takes time, patience and expertise. We can offer a flexible work scope to match our skills with yours. We seek an open, collaborative approach to minimise costs and to maximise a successful outcome.

Grid connection applications

We will walk you through the complexity of the G99 grid application, and work to secure your connection to the Distribution Network Operator (DNO). We have secured hundreds of connections and we can communicate effectively with the DNO to ensure the most suitable option is chosen. Our objective is securing you an appropriate grid connection at the lowest cost – accurate advice at this crucial initial step is essential to determine the success of your project.

Planning services

We will engage all the relevant stakeholders and specialists and prepare the planning application on your behalf. Before making an application we ensure that as far as possible it is in accord with the Planning policy of the Local Authority and conduct pre-application meetings where applicable to ensure success. Together we rigorously prepare each application and meticulously assess what impact it might have on the environment and particular ecology, landscape, historic assets, road safety and the local community and where appropriate include mitigation within the design.

Export Limitation

Export limitation devices are a useful tool for when the client wishes to maximise PV generation potential in the face of grid restraints, which do not allow export over a certain capacity. Solar South West Ltd have a wealth of experience in liaising with the local DNO to ensure exact requirements are met when fitting & programming export limitation components.

Feasibility studies & conceptual designs

Our engineering design and financial modelling expertise ensures a system with optimal dimensioning, maximum return on investment and appropriate technology selection. Choosing SSW will maximise your project returns – due to our analysis based, consultative approach.

PPA & Lease Structuring

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and lease consultancy service. SSW have a wealth of knowledge in arranging and drafting PPA agreements and leases between generators and tenants, or generators and suppliers.

Surveys / Aerial Photography / Inspection

SSW is accredited as a Drone Operator and holds a PFCO license from the CAA. We are fully licensed and insured to carry out work with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) of mass up to 20kg.

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All our proposals are based on a rigorous analysis of the available data in order to make sure we size the solar array to maximise your return on investment.