Operation & Maintenance

Looking after your project

We offer Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) services, alongside compensative rates for reactive maintenance visits.

What benefits can my business expect?

  • Remote monitoring facilities
  • Rolling annual planned preventative maintenance (PPM) agreements
  • Corrective Maintenance (CR) and Emergency Call-Outs
  • Module cleaning - we have all the tools to suit, including a robot!


System Monitoring and Fault Detection

SSW will utilise industry standard techniques to facilitate data monitoring, performance checks and alert management

Monthly Meter Readings

SSW can advise on all types of metering requirements. From retrofitting remote meter reading solutions, to obtaining monthly meter readings on the your behalf – a solution can be reached.

Periodic Performance Reporting

Our software manages the data so you don’t have to. We offer detailed monthly or quarterly performance reports so you can track the performance of your asset.

Solar panel cleaning (to improve yields by 3% per year)

We operate a range of manual and mechanical module cleaning strategies depending on access and site suitability. For commercial and industrial roof-tops we employ our Solarcleano robot which can cut cleaning times and deliver an excellent result on inaccessible arrays. On larger ground mounted schemes we employ a tractor mounted Sunbrush. We will only use ionised water and biodegradable eco-friendly products for highly soiled modules.

Read more about solar panel servicing

Warranty replacement (Inverter/Panel/Comms)

Not only will servicing your solar system ensure it doesn’t suffer serious damage, you will keep on track with the terms and conditions of expensive component warranties. Under these warranties, we will send back your faulty modules or inverter(s) within the warranty period (usually around 5-12 years, subject to manufacturer) free of charge – if your system is on our O&M program. Under our O&M agreement terms, we manage warranty replacements on your behalf, utilizing our extensive relationships with industry suppliers ensuring rapid component replacement at minimal expense.

Annual Planned, Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

Our PPM service consists of an annual inspection and module clean, monthly monitoring and reporting on generation and performance, mechanical & electrical inspection of PV system structure & mechanics, inspection of PV panel condition & inverter ventilation, string lines; an inspection of surrounding conditions: shading, pest & livestock management control measures.

Rooftop Maintenance – Through extensive experience gained installing on rooftops SSW are proficient at working on almost all roof types. These bolt-on plans are often cheaper than hiring independent roofers.

  • Gutter Maintenance – Gutter maintenance can be an often forgotten task. As with roof maintenance, this add-on service will often be the most-cost effective way of keeping this vital infrastructure in good order.
  • Greencare – Vegetation management, particularly around ground mounted installations.
  • I-V Curve Tracing – I-V Curve Tracing is a new method of monitoring which is effective at finding and diagnosing a fault by looking at the data from your PV. This add on service allows us to efficiently identify a problem, and implement a solution in the quickest possible time frame – minimising the time your yield is affected by a fault.
  • Thermography and Electroluminescence Inspections – We are developing capabilities in this area together with other industry leaders. Infra-red inspection can locate faults that are invisible to the naked eye such as hot-spots, heated junction boxes, and activated by-pass diodes. These techniques allow an early identification of problems which can lead to electrical faults due to fatigue, defective components, contamination, or simply loose connections due to poor workmanship.

Corrective Maintenance (CR) and Emergency Call-outs

SSW will react to failures or malfunctions detected through remote monitoring or at your request – we can rapidly mobilise our teams to repair faults which impact on plant operations within specified reaction periods. See Remediation & Fault resolution